May 5, 2017

About us

The World Pension Alliance (WPA) is a collective organization comprised of the main advocacy associations representing pension plans and providers throughout the World, including Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Latin America, and Australia.

Originally founded in 2011 as the informal Global Pension Alliance, the network grow over time and took the decisive step in 2016 to establish governing rules, appoint a Chair and a Coordinator, and change its name to the World Pension Alliance. Today, through its members, the WPA represents more than 400 million participants and beneficiaries covered by retirement plans, and roughly 5,000 pension providers managing more than $7 trillion USD.

The primary long-term objective of the WPA is to be recognized at the international level as the common voice of the not-for-profit pension industry representing millions of retirement income plan members.

To achieve its long-term objective, members of the World Pension Alliance:

1 > facilitate an open exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices among WPA participants;

2 > advocate on issues of common interest in order to globally defend and promote the voice of the not-for-profit pension community by supporting WPA member positions with local, regional, national and international decision makers; and

3 > provide independent thought and education on issues impacting retirement income including subjects such as investment management, governance and legislation.

Governing rules WPA – December 2018