May 4, 2017

Internal organization – WPA Member Governance

Every WPA member has the same rights and responsibilities. The members of the WPA will be only national and international organizations representing mainly not-for-profit pension providers.

The decisions of the WPA are taken by an Executive Committee made up of one representative from each member.

The members normally hold four plenary meetings: three of them are virtual (by teleconference), and one is physical. In 2019, the WPA physical plenary meeting was held on 21 June 2019, at the Sagamore Resort, Bolton Lake, New York, USA. Apart from the plenary meetings, the members of the WPA constantly interact through electronic means in order to exchange information and prepare joint positions.

Every year, the Executive Committee elects one member of the WPA as its Chair. Considering the different geographical locations of the members, the next comes from a different Continent than the previous one. The Executive Committee also elects one member of the WPA to serve as its Vice Chair who will become the Chair in the following year to provide leadership continuity.

The current Chair of the WPA is Mr Bruno Gabellieri, Secretary General of the European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP). The previous Chair (May 2019 – May 2020) was Hank Kim representing NCPERS.

The current Vice Chair is Ms Eva Scheerlinck, CEO of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST).

In addition to the Chair, the WPA also has a Coordinator. The Coordinator collects inputs and requests from members, supports the Chair in his/her work, facilitates the drafting of WPA common positions, and organizes the meetings of the WPA together with the Chair.

The WPA Coordinator is Dr Christos Louvaris, Senior Policy Advisor Pensions & Financial Affairs in AEIP.

Supporters and members of the main participating organizations (“members of WPA members”)

Other organizations not meeting the requirements for being members of the WPA such as single providers might take part in the work of the WPA. Those organizations are called “supporters”.

WPA supporters do not participate in the governance of the Alliance, and shall be not authorized to speak on behalf of the WPA.

The admission criteria and the status features of the supporters, as well as their tasks and role within the Alliance, shall be unanimously agreed by the members of the WPA.

In some specific situations, members of the participating organizations (members of WPA members) may be temporarily invited to participate in an advisory capacity with respect to specific working groups or initiatives, in order to provide their expertise and technical support on specific issues. Unlike the supporters, the participation of those organizations shall be temporary and limited to the duration of the activities of the specific working group or initiative for which they were invited to provide their technical support.